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      Welcome to this thread dedicated to watch verification. If you’re uncertain about the authenticity of a watch you own or are interested in buying, this is the place to be!

      To get started, please provide the following information about the watch you’d like us to assess:

      Brand and Model: Tell us the brand and model of the watch in question. If you have any specific details or variations, please include those as well.

      Photos: Upload clear and detailed photos of the watch from different angles, including the dial, case, crown, case back, bracelet/strap, and any relevant engravings or hallmarks. The more visual information you provide, the better our assessment will be.

      Additional Information: If there are any specific concerns or doubts you have about the watch, please mention them. It could be anything from the source of the watch to any noticeable discrepancies you’ve observed.

      Once you’ve provided the necessary details, our team or community members will examine the watch and share their opinions. Please note that while our members are experienced, their assessments are based on visual information alone, and a physical inspection by a professional may be necessary for a definitive verdict.

      Remember, the purpose of this thread is to provide guidance and share knowledge. We encourage constructive discussions, respectful feedback, and the collective effort to help one another make informed decisions.

      Let’s get started! Share the details of your watch, and our members will do their best to give you the green light or advise caution.

      Looking forward to assisting you all!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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